IT Solutions

Data Center solutions, Support, Consulting

Our services


We make IT for small-medium business

in various sectors around the world,

tailored & calibrated on specific client requirements



  • Domain- & Mail Servers

  • Cloud Server on your own Domain - dedicated & customised to your needs & sector

  • various specific Apps implemented

  • Conferencing: audio, video, desktop, filesharing etc. with no BigTech technology 

  • CRM systems

  • E-Commerce solutions



  • planning your local & multiple locations of network architecture

  • backup Systems

  • antivirus, anti-spam etc. - local and SaaS (software as a service)

  • switching from Windows to Linux



  • remote support & maintenance (Windows, Linux)

  • network monitoring

  • data recovery

  • SW & HW assets auditing

  • hardware extended stress tests etc.